Mount: AZ-EQ6 GT  & Vixen Polarie

Scope: William Optics GT81 & 50mm guidescope

Eyepieces etc: Plössl 32mm Wide Angle, 20mm, 10mm & 6mm Ultra Wide Angle, Revelation x2 Barlow, x2.5 Powermate, Skywatcher 12.5mm Reticle

Bins: Helios Naturesport Plus 10×50 wide-angle

Cameras etc: ZWO ASI 1600MM-Cool, Canon 700D, modded 550D, WO Field Flattener, ZWO ASI 120MC, Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 guide camera

Filters: ZWO x8 EFW + LRGB, Ha, OIII and SII, Baader ND0.9 Moon, UHC, Light Pollution, Astronomik CLS, Baader Astro Solar

Other Stuff: Telrad, Bahtiov Masks, WO flattener, WO dialectric diagonal & RDF

Computers: Laptops: Operating control – Samsung Series-5 (Windows-7, Intel i5 64bit,  4Gb RAM), Processing – Toshiba Satellite P70-B (Windows-10, Intel i7 64bit, 16Gb RAM), Remote control – Google Nexus 7 tablet

Software: EQMOD ASCOM, Cartes du Ciel, PHD2, Astro Photography Tool (APT), Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), Deep Sky Stacker, Registax, Photoshop + plug-ins


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