At the behest of my daughter I started this website as a personal record but I can see that there seems to be interest far-and-wide from across the world. This is an added and unexpected outcome with which I’m quite chuffed.

Comments or questions are always welcome via the website at the bottom of each blog but I’d also be very pleased to hear from anybody that may want to get in touch.  For this purpose I can be contacted directly via:

I look forwards to hearing from you all.


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey,
    thanks for your comment on my website (!

    about my observatory:
    each side of the box is lowered and i can start imaging.
    this version of an observatory is not made for visual astronomy.

    everything remains in the box. the scopes are always properly polar aligned.
    Just turn on the PC and start acquiring light 🙂

    the pier is made of steel and stands on concrete.
    the box was then built around the pier but without (nearly) any contact to the pier (except silicone).

    its perfect if you have less space in the garden.


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